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    I'm planning on going to japan for the first two weeks of september. any recommendations on places to see/visit? Also, is two weeks in japan enough? i kind of want to visit other asian places like korea and hong kong too... advice?

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    Japan has the most famous temples, shrines, gardens and castles. The Japanese cuisine is one of the greatest attractions. It's also famous for shopping; there are many convenience, supermarkets and departmental stores. Also you can get lots of things to do and see in Japan.
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    Well, I’d like to add some more information about Japan tourism. It is a popular travel destination in winter and early spring for those people of seeking snow especially in Tokyo.
    Yuzawa and Karuizawa are the top tourist places in Tokyo to enjoy snow which is located approximately 75 or 70 minutes from Tokyo station.

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    Japan is famous for its natural places and beaches. Japan is very attractive and beautiful place for visitor. There are so many beautiful place in japan like Kyoto, Mt Fuji, Nikko and many more

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    It is the land of rising sun

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