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    Default Advice on finding cheapest flight to Indonesia

    I'm trying to price out flights to Indonesia for April 2010. Have three weeks to travel (i.e. April 2-April 24 was my search criteria, though we are flexible for dates). I'm not getting anything less than $2600--ish per person, roundtrip. This seems expensive. What is the cheapest way to make it to Indonesia? Would I be best to fly to another major Asian city (KL, HK) and then use a cheap asian airline (AirAsia, Jetstar) to continue on to Indonesia? With a cost of $2600 pp for just the flight alone, that may put Indonesia beyond the vacation budget for 2010. Which is too bad, because from what I'm reading, its dirt cheap once we get there.

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    Made up of thousands of islands, Indonesia is a large and varied archipelago. Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, New Guinea and Sulawesi are the largest of the islandsthere are lots of discount airlines flight to jakarta/bali from there (air asia, jetstar and lion air to name a few). however, you take a risk. if your discount airline flight is cancelled/weather delay etc, you are out of luck in catching your international flight. best if you have more time than money and don't mind spending a few days in bangkok etc just in case there's a problem (there are worse places to spend time than bangkok i can promise you that!

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    Default Advice on finding cheapest flight to Indonesia

    Find a cheap flight to Indonesia and start your journey in Jakarta. Brave the congested streets and massive traffic and head straight to the National Monument in Merdeka Square. The marble column is topped with a gold-covered flame and symbolizes Indonesia’s independence. Enjoy a bit of Indonesia’s bustling nightlife before boarding the next Indonesia flight to Lombok

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    ... and when you get married you get to make your honeymoon in Bali. Or even got married in Bali.

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