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    Default Safe travel in Guatemala and reasonable nice hotels

    My partner and I are travelling to Guatemala in November and would like to go from the airport
    to Lake Atitlan area. What is the safest means of travel? We are not planning on renting a car.
    Also, recommendations for a hotel in that area as well as Antigua would be great! Thanks!

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    The best methods depend in part on the time of day your flight arrives. Options include moving to Antigua and from there to the lake or a taxi to the bus station and the bus to the lake.

    A place I like is the Antigua Casa Cristina - great location, good security, the rooms nice and clean, purified water and internet friendly, helpful owners. $ 25-40/double depending on the room.

    Rooms in Panajachel liked Mario - a description similar around a garden more beautiful. I paid $ 15/single last summer.

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    Reasonable nice hotels in Guatemala are given below:
    1. Biltmore Guatemala
    2. Ajau Colonial
    3. Hotel Sevilla
    4. Hotel Bresciani

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