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    Default Nightlife in Ayia Napa

    Ayia Napa, is one of the best cities in Cyprus where you can enjoy your nightlife. The streets will be decorated with bars and pubs on the two sides of the road. Live music songs will be played by band members while we can enjoy with a couple of beers and music. There are number of pubs, bars, discos treat your night and give a new meaning. Cyprus is not strict and especially Ayia Napa is for travellers like you and me. Feel free and have fun.

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    Where this place is located Ayia Napa? I love night life and I like to visit there.

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    It is in Cyprus..don't miss this place.. you will love for sure.
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    Default Nightlife in Ayia Napa

    Ayia Napa is a Night City, well, it is also a day resort, but at night there is so much to see and do that you will not explore it all in a week.
    Hardly a week goes by in Cyprus without a celebration of some sort, whether it is a colourful festival or homage to a saint on one of the numerous 'name' days. The 'Panigiri', a traditional open-air fete, takes place mainly in the Cyprus villages on the occasion of a saint's name day.

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    Family Entertainment bars - bars on Nissi Avenue and by the harbour have family entertainment every night of the week. Karaoke is popular and you will find shows such as Rock Chicks, Blues Brothers, Hypnotists as well as tribute acts - Elvis, Michael Jackson etc. Popular bars are Tommys, Sea Horse, Queen Vic, Napiana, Golden Arrow, Romeo and several from Sandy bay to Nissi Beach area.

    Cafe/Lounge bars - these trendier bars are springing up and are very popular with locals and those wanting a more grown up night up. Music is either chill out/greek and most people sit and chat rather than dancing. Popular ones are Jello by the harbour, Liquid on Kyrou Nerou (opposite the monastery), Cafe Central and Pepper at the Napa Plaza hotel. Lobby bar at the Eligoni hotel, Nissaki bar on sandy bay. Vanilla at the Leros Hotel, and Fresh which opened Sep 2010 at the top road opposite Fans bar. Guru - a few mins from bedrock. Kafenio at the monastery.

    English Pubs - if you want your english beers on tap and family style pubs try Queen Vic, Tommys, Golden Arrow, Napiana, Kings sword (at macronnissos)

    Cheap cocktail bars - as well as those mentioned above under family bars, there are several on the road that leads up to the square from the carwash end. Sea Cavern, Simos Magic, Craigs, Flaskia, Senior Frogs all have happy hours and some open bar nights.

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