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Thread: Clubs in Tokyo

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    Default Clubs in Tokyo

    Can anyone recommend good clubs/pubs to go out in Tokyo where the drinks are slightly affordable (less than £5 a pint, say, so not TOO salarymen expensive) and yet are accessible to foreigners? Perhaps Shibuya/Roppongi areas would be a good start. I will be travelling solo, so ideally a place where it is easy to mingle and approach others would be good...

    I seem to remember some expat pub, the Something and Something (Pig and Fiddle? Kebab and Calculator? :-D) where the people were easy to chat to, but can't recall the name...

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    Club Harlem is one of the best club in Tokyo.Many more best clubs are also in Tokyo.

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    I would like to recommend you try to 'izakaya'. It is like a pub in England and you can find 'izakaya' everywhere in Japan. We sometime go to there after bussiness alone or with friends.
    You can eat and drink standard Japanese foods, drinks and others in there. The Kirin City pubs are good places to go for those who like to drink the day away. There are just not many bars in Tokyo that open before 18:00, but at Kirin City it's all about the Kirin from opening.

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    best nightclubs in Tokyo, Japan

    ageHa is biggest club in Toky

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