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    I have four paintings from China and for me - is the best!

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    Chinese society is one of the world's most seasoned. The zone in which the way of life is prevailing spreads an expansive geological locale in eastern Asia with traditions and customs fluctuating extraordinarily between towns, urban communities and regions. Essential parts of Chinese society incorporate writing, music, visual expressions, hand to hand fighting, food, and so on.

    Chinese workmanship is visual craftsmanship that, whether old or cutting edge, began in or is honed in China or by Chinese specialists. The Chinese workmanship in the Republic of China (Taiwan) and that of abroad Chinese can likewise be considered some portion of Chinese craftsmanship where it is situated in or draws on Chinese legacy and Chinese society. Early "stone age craftsmanship" goes back to 10,000 BC, for the most part comprising of straightforward earthenware and models. After this early period Chinese craftsmanship, similar to Chinese history, is commonly arranged by the progression of decision traditions of Chinese rulers, a large portion of which kept going a few hundred years

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    is it for real? are you sure?

    have fun... float, get up, work, learn, and prosper and then relax

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