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    Default Tonga - Sailing in the South Pacific

    For those travelling to the Pacific for Sailing... try Tonga.

    Sailing around Tonga is fantastic during the months of the Humpback Whale Migration which happens each year between July and October.

    These magnificent creatures stay for a period of around 15 weeks and are not shy of the boats around here, in fact many sailing charters will even allow you get in the water and snorkel around with them.

    This is just one of the top sailing destinations listed in the eBook 'Why Sailing', Visit Why Sailing in the signature below.

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    Michael..that was a great place. Never been there but my friend went there a couple times and showed me some of the pictures he filmed there. It was great but I cant make it happen. Australia is the best place for adventure traveling.

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    Tonga in Australia, is the most popular place for sailing, kayaking, water rafting and a popular place for stopover on sailing trips around the world. If you have been to Australia, visiting this place is worth it.

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    Tonga has been renowned for over 200 years as the 'Friendly Islands', providing a warm welcome to enjoy sailing in effortless surroundings. The hospitality provided by the local culture filters down through all aspects of this experience. The sailing conditions of crystal clear waters combined with Tonga's scenery and refuge for humpback whales all add to an experience that will remain with you!

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