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    Now that all the airlines have limited people to just one piece of luggage, forcing them to pay for their second piece, I think a fairer deal better than limiting people to 50% of the prior amount, would be to allow extra overweeight (if you used to be entitle to 2 50 lb bags totaling 100 lbs, now you should be allowed 70
    I think the airlines are being piggish but what can we do? travel by boat?

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    Does every airline have the same luggage allowance or does it vary?

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    cost of "overweight" varies by a lot - If you really need more space make sure to include the extra $125 you may pay for an extra suitcase when you choose an airline

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    thank you so much for the post

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    I think to avoid luggage overload...just bring those important things...
    be very aware to the weight of your luggage to avoid extra payment...
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