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    Default Hotels Are Convenient Getaways For Tired Travellers

    When people go on vacation, unless they have family in that particular city, hotels are one of the first things they try to find. Some people are only looking for a place to rest their heads, while others are searching for the all around experience. The latter causes them to put a lot of effort into their hunt. Believe it or not, the place someone chooses to stay can actually become the highlight of the entire trip.

    One thing some lodges offer is room service. With this amenity, customers are able to make food orders from the comfort of their bed or living room sofa. Instead of having to go to the store, buy the food, prepare it, then clean up the kitchen afterwards, they can leave all of those steps up to the staff. All they must do is pick up the phone, place their order and wait for their meal to arrive. Some people only dream of getting this type of treatment at home.

    Another great amenity many hotels provide is maid service. Much like room service, all of the work is left up to the employees. Customers don't have to make their own beds, vacuum their own floors or wash their own towels. They can simply leave for the day with their room untidy, throw their towels in the corner of the bathroom after showering and even leave their garbage cans full. When they get back in the room a few hours later they can expect everything to be taken care of.

    Onsite restaurants are also a great convenience provided by many hotels. Who wouldn't want to only walk a couple of minutes to get to a nice restaurant, instead of having to drive across town? Well, at many inns this is a reality. Some of these places aren't just average eateries either. On the contrary, they provide some of the best food in their respective areas. Even if someone isn't really into pricey meals, many lodges have other restaurants nearby. Some are even right next to the building. So, there are a bunch of options, even if they are not on the actual site. There are many places that also provide free breakfast, which is good for visitors who are on the go or those who want to sit around and chat.

    Lastly, swimming pools are one of the most popular staples of hotels. Many people are not able to afford this feature in their homes. Others don't have the space to put one. Then, there are those who don't want to deal with the hassle of keeping one clean. Therefore, having easy access to a pool they don't have to be responsible for is a great option for all of them.

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    In my opinion, for better comfortability, convenience, privacy, more space, its better to book a villa or holiday cottage instead of booking a room in hotels.

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    Although there is nothing wrong in expressing your opinions, I don't see anything related to Monaco in the thread named Monaco! :P

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    Maybe its the hotels in Monaco... Anyway, yes when you are in Monaco, hotels are the best choice for me to stay if you visit the place.
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    I've always think about Monaco and then about this movie.. Princess diary? or somethink like that. but I bet it's a very beautiful place

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