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Thread: Good city

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    Default Good city

    Albania is really a great country, I was there few days ago and it is one of the best country i have ever seen, Really great people and beautiful city.

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    Unfortunately, I have not ever visited this great city. When i get chance to visit it i will certainly go. Can i get some idea of staying in Hotels and Apartments.

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    Links thatI foundin this threaddo not work (

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    honestly I never have been in Albania so I can't say anything directly about Albania but as you say about Albania so I just hear that its nice to live & my one friend just settle in Albania with his family. He also say Albania is really nice & beautiful to stay.

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    Good city has many factors to define them and to be a part of such city. but from my point of view good city is that where we could enjoy for a long time or short time. Let it be the holidays of 7 days or party a one night. If you would like to make time and money used properly in terms of party or any entertainment then visit today the exciting place of New York. The story does not end here you would get the special packages on it.

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