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    Default Motorcycle trip through 23 countries from April to August.

    motorcycle adventure of a lifetime for the summer of 2010. It is my unforgettable and unique trip from Moscow Russia to Portugal photographing and filming all the beauty of towns, cities, roads, lakes mountains beaches and people in 23 countries.

    I invite you to be part of it, planning the routs, suggesting places, giving ideas and posting requests; even more important is referring ways for personal and/or corporation’s donations for the trip. If you have a business or a cause, this is the perfect event for you to promote it.

    The countries are Estonia |Latvia |Lithuania |Belarus |Ukraine |Moldova |Romania |Bulgaria |Macedonia |Albania |Kosovo |Montenegro |Bosnia and Herzegovina |Croatia |Hungary |Slovakia |Czech Republic |Austria |Switzerland |Italy | France | Spain and Portugal.
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    Europe is synonymous with diversity. Europe today consists of 47 independent countries ranging in size from Russia, with some 140 million people, to Liechtenstein with a population of only 35,000. Many European countries consist of multiple regions and cultures.

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