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    Default Want to travel Jordan (Dead sea)

    Hello All!

    I am trying to plan a trip around Jordan. I want to start off with tow days in Amman, and then head to Petra for a night, then leave for Wadi Rum for two nights, then to the Dead Sea for a night and then back to Amman the next day. I am having trouble figuring out how to get from place to place. Does anyone have suggestions concerning affordable, quick, and reliable ways to get from place to place, or the order I should visit them in? I was told it is hard to get to the Dead Sea from anywhere but Amman, but ideally I would travel in the order I first described.

    Thanks in advance for your word!

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    Personally, I'd reverse the order of your nights by spending two nights in Wadi Musa visiting Petra and one night in the desert at a Bedouin camp. Also, if it were me I'd spend the final day / night in Madaba rather than Amman. It's a wonderful place and closer to the airport.

    The order you've listed is fine. The quickest, most reliable way to get around is either by rental car or taxi. The most affordable the bus, but it's also the least convenient and won't work for the Dead Sea part of your trip.

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    hi there,
    Its great news to travel dead sea in Jordan. From my experience I will suggest you, you must book your hotel before travel and for this I was took help from was fantastic for Food, beach, pool, service. Check out their web site.
    Also one thing you must use public transport system for go here and there. It will help you to know their culture also save some money.
    Hope for a great tour

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    Well, it's unthinkable to me that you'd go to Jordan and not visit Petra. I'd recommend three nights there. I thought the dead Sea was rather boring, and there are plenty of good mosaics in Madaba besides the map in the church.

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