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    Default Travel to Miami, Florida?

    I'm planning on traveling to Miami for my 15th birthday which is June 3rd. I'm planning to either travel down there either the weekend of my birthday or the following weekend. I'm going to be traveling more than likely with my extended family (about 12 or 13 of us) and a few of my closest friends. I was wondering what are some stuff all of us could do together, just teens and just adults. I will be the youngest one there and the oldest will probably be my grandma. What are the best places to shop, see a movie, best beaches, best restaurants, best spas? teen clubs? What is the best place to stay in Miami or around Miami? Is Miami beach the same thing as just Miami, Florida? If so is Miami beach more for people 21+? Is Miami very expensive, like more expensive than Chicago (where I live)? I know these are a lot of questions but I need a lot of help. Any info you can give will be helpful.
    Thanks in advance.


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    Florida is very beautiful and attractive place and one of my favourite as well. I really would love to go there especially with family due to its beaches and attractions to visit over and over again.

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    Florida, It sounds really very great. Oh I loved this place, Especially the atmosphere. I loved to enjoy the beautiful places with awesome nature also. I was going Florida last year, and I mostly covered the all beaches with my family.
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