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    How about a wild life trip to Congo, watching wild Gorillas. Few of my friends had a great tour recently and I badly want to go there too.

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    If you like adventure travel you can pay a visit to Masai mara in Kenya, Kruger national park in South Africa, If you like adventure sports like bungee jumping, hang gliding, kayaking or rock climbing take tour to Australia.

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    White-water rafting is a fun and accessible adventure sport. It’s the kind of adventure that is great to share with friends and lends itself well to making a weekend excursion out of it. Before 3 months I went with my friends it was really awesome and had a wonderful experience life.

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    Adventure holidays are our speciality. We create exciting worldwide adventure tours and itineraries for everyone, from big families to solo adults. Our small group trips let you explore unfamiliar places, trek through incredible mountain scenery, get active and enjoy the local culture

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    “The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams.”

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