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I'm also looking for options to see many countries and not spend a fortune on this. I really hope that this year many countries as promised to slightly reduce prices for tourists. I just finished my first year at the university and want to spend this summer traveling around Europe with my friends. I hope I have enough money for this. Perhaps you know how students can save money while visiting other countries?
I remember how my friends and I spent the coolest summer after finishing the third year at the university. And I remember the feeling with which I spent the money that I saved from part time work for whole year. Unfortunately, the money wasn't enough for everything I wanted. I didn't know that there are simple and effective ways to save money on travel for students at that moment. But you have free time and a lot of resources in order to plan your trip correctly. For example, in this article https://www.travelkings.net/travel-tricks-for-students/ you will find many recommendations and tricks on how to save your money, but not spoil your trip. You don't need to overpay in a cafe for tourists, for example, but you don't need to risk your safety and your things by staying overnight at the station, as you can always find inexpensive, but clean and comfortable hostels.