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    As per my opinion, Travelling is best way to get relaxation and refreshment. There are many travel tips like Do make plan, do booking tickets and hotel in advance, take useful things, avoid heavy food and drink mineral water.

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    Before going at the travelling get your tickets before fight and leave home before 2 hour of flight time. Avoid to take more luggage but take some medicines. Must take one map of visiting place or hire travel agent who gives you speciality of every place, people can also take camera to capture some beautiful places.
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    Here are some travel tips from my end:

    1. Read backpacker etiquette
    2. Check the latest travel advice about the destination
    3. Travel insurance
    4. Obey the law
    5. Make copies of your passport details
    6. Book a car service online

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    I advise you to take some trumpery on travel to Morocco. You can barter them for marvelous spices and other oriental souvenirs.

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