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Thread: Traveling tips?

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    Best Travel Tips. Be Flexible. Make a List. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language. Don't Forget an Extra Camera Battery (or Two) Always Bring a Sarong. Always Buy Travel Insurance. Make Photocopies of Important Documents. Pack Extra Underwear.

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    Travelling trip is very important for each and every Individual life,I like trips for visit new places with my family and friends,but you can planning for before travelling trip, you have to plan for best destination and plan for how much budget we have to take ,brings the things before packing your bag for travelling trip.......

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    Traveling tips are given below:
    1. Be Flexible
    2. Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language
    3. Don’t Forget an Extra Camera Battery
    4. Always Buy Travel Insurance

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    Before you travel always ensure that you have packed all your essentials a day earlier. Also ensure you pack light so that you do not struggle with your luggage on your travel. If you are travelling to a location you are not familiar with do research in advance and also interact with locals in that area as you travel to make sure you are still on right track.


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