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Thread: Traveling tips?

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    Default Traveling tips?

    Travelling is most important in every person's life. There are many tips for travelling like have all information about travel place, facility, culture, language in advance, do hotel booking, take all important documents, take small first aid kit and so on.

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    Traveling plays a vital role in everyone's life. People should carry enough money and important documents very carefully at the time of traveling.
    Each and every people should enjoy their holiday as well as vacation.

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    These tips are good which are mentioned you. I’d like to add some more tips for travelling with kids:
    • Be careful in busy places like airports Disney homes etc
    • Keep medicines and poisons away from small children and watch that children don't eat any plants
    • Remind children about road safety rules, hold the hand of children whenever you cross the roads
    • When you leaving your home for holidays remind children about family protection
    • Wearing the colorful dressing to make their visibility and remember what they are wearing
    I hope it will help for those peoples who travelling with kids.

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    Thanks for sharing travelling tips .
    I also like the travelling very much with family and friends . i suggest also some important points about travelling like before going on a travel
    decide your best destination , estimate the budget of your vacation, keep the medicines and necessity things before packing in your bag etc.
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