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    Default where best place did you go to travel?

    I have traveled many places in the world. Here are some of my most favorite places where I had traveled and enjoyed my holidays:

    1. Maldives
    2. Turkey
    3. Melbourne
    4. Cape Town
    5. Dubai

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    Have you tried safari at Kruger national park in South africa?

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    Traveling is one of my favorite hobbies. I have traveled various places like Dubai, Cape Town, Switzerland, Australia, Mauritius etc. These places are really awesome and perfect for traveling purpose.
    Each and every people should enjoy their holiday as well as vacation.

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    If you plan your travel destination then considered about Mauritius because it is one of the best and ideal place to stay and you will enjoy the sea, sun and the beach. I know very well it's very small island but it makes your your trip truly memorable.
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    Well, I have a big list of that places where I visited in my whole life but I shared with you some of them which are Switzerland, Dubai, Pakistan, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia etc.

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