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    Well!!Exercise make your body slim and smart.Exercise make you happier and more relaxed than
    you were before you worked out. Regular physical activity can even help prevent depression
    and high blood pressure.

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    Exercises should be must in the life for keep actual fitness of the body.Exercises teach us how to proper use of lungs so exercises
    also help in reducing the stress.According to me that exercises burn the fat more effectively and control the cholesterol level in
    the body....

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    The Importance of Exercise are given below:
    1. Exercise helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and a host of other diseases
    2. Exercise improves your chances of living longer and living healthier
    3. Exercise improves heart-lung and muscle fitness
    4. Exercise improves sleep
    5. Exercise relieves symptoms of depression and anxiety and improves mood

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    Exercise is most important to live happy and being healthy. It will help you to be too fit and healthy.

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