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    Default Best Beach of Bermuda?

    I vote for Jobson's Cove & Warwick Long Bay Beach. These are my favorites. What about you guys?

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    I have heard of Bermuda many times but I have not visited the place yet. Is it really nice there?
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    My best 3 beaches in Bermuda are:
    Warwick Long Bay
    Horseshoe Bay
    Clearwater Beach
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    The south shore between Horseshoe bay beach and Warwick long bay has the best pink sandy beaches.

    A Pink sandy beach on South Shore, Bermuda.
    A section of Horseshoe bay beach (Port Royal Cove)
    Tobacco Bay Beach.
    Tobacco Bay, a great snorkeling beach in St. George, Bermuda.

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    Your first priority on your Bermuda vacation probably will be to kick back at the beach. Mine are these two favorite.
    1. Elbow Beach (Paget Parish)
    2. Chaplin Bay (Warwick and Southampton parishes)

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