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    Default Best Tourist Places in Uruguay?


    Any locals of Uruguay here? Or anyone who knows the place quite well? I wanted to know the best places of Uruguay? The ones which should not be missed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Uruguay is really beautiful coutry & the capital of this beautiful coutry is Montevideo. Here is just short list of amazing place of Uruguay

    1. Punta del Este
    2. Punta del Diablo
    3. Montevideo
    4. Isla de Gorriti
    5. Palacio Salvo
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    I'm not a local but I can suggest some best places in uruguay.
    Drink up some Tannat
    Visit the picturesque Colonia del Sacramento
    Relax, surf and hike in Punta del Diablo
    Cabo Polonio

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    There are various best Tourist Places in Uruguay are given below:
    1. Carmelo
    2. Colonia
    3. Durazno
    4. Cabo Polonio
    5. Tacuarembo

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    There are many famous places to see in Uruguay
    Laguna Garzon
    Cabo Polonia

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