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    Default Fiji - where/when???

    Are there any particular months that it's cheaper to fly out to Fiji from the US? The flights seem really expensive right now. I read a lot about Awesome Adventures Tours in Fiji. Are these tours all inclusive (food, accom., alcohol, etc)? What are the best islands to go to? Any advice would be great
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    Fiji, a nation in the South Pacific, is an archipelago of more than 300 islands. It's famous for rough scenes, palm-fixed shorelines and coral reefs with clear tidal ponds. Its significant islands, Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, contain the vast majority of the populace. Viti Levu is home to the capital, Suva, a port city with British frontier design. The Fiji Museum, in the Victorian-time Thurston Gardens, has ethnographic shows.

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