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    Malawi’s people are its greatest asset - friendly, welcoming, colourful and vibrant. It is impossible to visit and not to become engaged with the people, but there are now opportunities to spend time in real villages (including staying overnight) for a first-hand experience of the cultures, traditions and daily life.
    It is very easy to get into Malawi from the border with Tanzania by thumb. Because of the enormous amount of people importing cars from Dar es Salaam, and the fact that there is only one good road south, all cars and trucks are going the same way. As always with hitchhiking in Africa, most people will expect some kind of payment, but it will most likely be cheaper than public transport

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    Malawi, a landlocked nation in southeastern Africa, is characterized by its geology of good countries split by the Great Rift Valley and huge Lake Malawi. The lake's southern end falls inside Lake Malawi National Park – shielding different untamed life from bright fish to monkeys – and its unmistakable waters are prominent for jumping and drifting. Peninsular Cape Maclear is known for its shoreline resorts.

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