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    Somalia was an unknown country for European explorers until the Portuguese explorers reached the coastal cities of Somalia on their way to India. They called it Terra Incognita, which means the unknown land. These new discoveries encouraged many other European navigators to sail on the Somali coasts

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    Somalia formally the Federal Republic of Somalia is a nation situated in the Horn of Africa. It is flanked by Ethiopia toward the west, Djibouti toward the northwest, the Gulf of Aden toward the north, the Indian Ocean toward the east, and Kenya toward the southwest. Somalia has the longest coastline on Africa's territory, and its landscape comprises primarily of levels, fields and good countries. Climatically, hot conditions win year-round, with occasional storm winds and sporadic precipitation.

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    Somalia is a country with beautiful wildlife, ancient history, and a troubled history of civil war, and plagued with famine and terrorism.

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