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    Wink Europe? April / May 2010. Travlemate?

    Hello Wonderers,

    I'm a 40yr old male looking for a to catch up with people as I travel through Europe.
    I'm interested to hook up with people similar age to combine for travel and accomodation.

    I'm interested in doing the following this:

    - Paris - Millau Viaduct 13-Apr/14-Apr driving return from Paris.
    It's a mega high/long bridge on a motorway which I've seen a photo of, where the clouds are below the bridge! Driving over clouds. Awesome.

    - Prague 23-Apr till 26-Apr
    leaving from Graz, Austria by Train/Car/Rollerblade???

    - Amsterdam 29-Apr till 2 May for the
    Orange Festival on 30th April

    - UK 3-May to 6-May
    Hire car up from London to the Midlands. I am specifically

    Note, Im just recovering from a knee operation so I'm probably not up for 4-5 hours of walking each day, but I would love to if I can.

    Travel Mate

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    I wish i knew that before. i would ve done that another way
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