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    Libya is culturally similar to its neighboring Maghrebian states. Libyans consider themselves very much a part of a wider Arab community. This is strengthened by Arabic being the only official language of the state.

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    The Libyan economy depends principally upon incomes from the oil part, which represents 80% of GDP and 97% of fares. Libya holds the biggest demonstrated oil saves in Africa and is a vital donor to the worldwide supply of light, sweet crude.Libya is a substantial nation with a moderately little populace, however the populace is thought barely along the coast.[135] Population thickness is around 50 people for every km² (130/sq. mi.) in the two northern areas of Tripolitania and Cyrenaica, yet tumbles to short of what one individual for each km² (2.6/sq. mi.) somewhere else.

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    Libya has five World Heritage sites that are protected by UNESCO. It has unique historical, cultural, geographical, economic and geopolitical dimensions that should move it toward being a modern democratic nation with untapped potential.

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