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    Default Need last minute advice to decide what flight to book to Indonesia

    I was gonna write off Indonesia due to flight costs but my gut tells me to just do it I want to try to take advantage of Eva Air's promotion that goes until Feb 28. I'm debating between buying a flight YYZ (Toronto) to either Jakarta or Denpasar. My debate arises because we only have three weeks to travel and I'm trying to decide between itineraries: 1. Spend all three weeks in Bali/Lombok (incl. Gili islands). 2. Spend the time in both Java/Bali. #1 sounds like a good idea bc we have never been to Indonesia before and could take our time exploring Bali and Lombok #2 sounds like a good idea so because we have interests in visiting Prambanan/Borobudur and possibly Mt. Bromo. Java, in addition to Bali, could provide a more well-rounded trip vs. just visiting Bali/Lombok. But do we have enough time to do #2? Either way, am I better off booking a flight to Bali and then if our itinerary allows flying to Java and back to Bali using local airlines? And if our itinerary doesn't allow, then flying in and out of Bali would be most convenient? The other desicions is whether to go in either April or May. Considering my itineraries, which month is best? Please let me know what the most logical flight destination would be and what itinerary is most practical for a three week trip. Thanks.
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    Thank you forgoodcommunication.

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    & I think a flight must be booked which is very comfortable & mostly people recommend a same flight.
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    Thanks for useful advice............................ to flight book to Indonesia

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