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    Eating habits depends upon your culture and living environment, if you live in a very cold atmosphere you need more calories as compared you live in a very hot climate

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    I can not afford to do fitness often, but I have a secret of a good figure. For weight loss and maintain normal weight I use quality CBD oil This is a special product that dulls a good appetite and I eat a little food a day. Besides, I feel very well.

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    I don't have a degree in health, but I've spent a lot of time researching diets over the past few years, and now I'm in that everyone reacts differently to food. Some of us need carbohydrates, others not so much. If the goal is to lose weight, perhaps the answer is simply to avoid overeating, take a closer look at the Caveman Diet Blog . I began to realize that you can eat anything you want, as long as you don't overdo it. It is best to determine how much food you should eat and make sure you are getting enough food. From a health point of view, it depends entirely on your body.

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    Health is the most valuable asset in our lives. Maybe when you are healthy you will not feel valuable health, but until the illness is so thick we will regret realizing that we have not really taken it seriously. So don't let "lose it before you know it", take care and keep it healthy right now.

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    We get one body that when taken care of keeps us going for decades. What I do works because I donít take any medications, whatsoever (at 60 something). This is what I do to stay healthy.
    1.Get a minimum of 8 hours of good-quality sleep.
    2.Be sensitive to your body. Your body will actually tell you when you need to make a change.
    3.Maintain a healthy weight and stay close to the normal weight for your height and frame.
    4.Donít drink alcohol or smoke - when I was a teenager along with my other siblings we drank a can of beer and smoked a cigarette when our parents were away.
    5.Live a clean life. Maybe that sounds boring to you but when people ask me why I look younger than my years, I always say ďclean living.Ē
    6.Drink water. Divide your weight in half and convert to ounces.
    7.Eliminate stress. When my body gets revved up from stress, I know right away. I simply stop whatever Iím doing (Iím retired) and relax.
    8.Exercise a minimum of 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time. People stop exercising because they donít like a specific type of exercise. I rotate between walking and working with weights so I donít get bored. Plus, those are exercises I prefer.

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