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    Default trip everywhere, so easy

    I travelled to Beijing of China this year , felt that it is really a great city , so much things to see, and so many old things . The only way to truly understand the society, culture, politics, and business of China is to travel in China , not only to see on tv.
    But problem came to me , so much cultrue things i could not understand , so I use this APP( which my friend to me , this helps me a lot , call them , you can get from the local whatever you want to know , even call for you a taxi.
    For a stranger , it’s a really helpful.

    If you want to understand more, then can tell me .

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    many foreigner in Beijing, easy living there, nice city too. good season from Sep to Nov.
    hong kong limousine service, car rental, hong kong, shanghai and beijing.

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    My hometown is Guilin.The scenery there is beautiful.There time is slow.Not like Shanghai.Like a beautiful town.People are all friendly.

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