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    Hey are there any travel bloggers out there? I've decided I'm DEFINITELY taking some time out this September (I'm thinking up to a year) and going travelling finally. I want to write all about it. My friend is interested in coming too - but I've heard that's not always a good idea. But at the same time as a woman I know there's places where it's better to have male company. Any experiences of this would be useful too.

    If you guys have done anything like this before I'd love to hear your stories and read your blogs - where's good to go? I'm open to ALL suggestions, but I think I really want to go to Mongolia and maybe take the trans-Siberian express through.

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    Also I would like to know what a good blog or website design site is if you're updating remotely?
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    Hi! I did some travel blogging last year and it was not as easy as I thought. I don't want to discourage you, I think it's an amazing thing to do, you should do it! But you might find it easier if you write everything and update your website when you're in a city, that way you can take a couple of days to work through and edit everything. I tried updating as often as I could and found that it quickly took up all my time. Keep a journal and then when spend a couple days in a city and work through it. I found I was much happier with the result. I used this site just becuase I wanted a mobile website that was able to be viewed and accessed on an iPad at all times, and they were good, I was pretty happy with everything. But it depends on what you want as well, I was using mine afterwards for a project so I wanted it to be as professional as possible, and I wanted photos to be uploaded as I went so that's also something you should consider. Oh and if you're taking an Ipad bring a keyboard, you won't regret it.

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