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    I really love Hue food especially BUnBo Hue.

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    Hue is extremely easy to navigate The main landmark is the Perfume River, with the old city and the Citadel on the north side and the newer city, where my hotel was situated, on the south side. Much of the riverside has wisely been done up as a pleasant promenade and park dotted with bizarre sculptures. Like other Vietnamese cities, Hue is flooded with mopeds and motorbikes, and the driving standards are typically poor. This was the only negative from my time in Hue. Much like Hanoi and Saigon, it isn’t really safe to walk about the streets for fear of being knocked over by a vehicle, so I did most of my backpacking around Hue in a taxi! Most taxi drivers seem refreshingly honest – but make sure they turn the meter on!

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    I had a chance to go there. Really, it treated me well especially some its traditional food

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