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    Default Travel to Vietnam – Enjoy 5 Preferred Chinese Dishes in Hanoi

    Shrimp Dumpling (Dimsum)

    At first glance, this dimsum dish seems to be simple but only if you enjoy you could feel the essence of the dish. The crust is not too thick, not too thin, and not too chewy combined with soft sweet flesh of fresh shrimp, served with a little chutney.


    “Kim sa” dumpling

    It is also known as “liu lim sa” which means “flowing sand hill”. This is a favorite dish of many tourists. If just looking from outside, you may think it is not different from other dumplings. But, when breaking it into two pieces, you will be attracted by the yellow and smooth core which looks like golden sand flowing out with slight fragrance.


    “Xνu mại” (Vietnamese meatballs)

    The crust of the cake has a typical yellow. The core inside could be made from meat, shrimp and salted egg crabs. The dish is steamed and served with bit soy sauce.


    Stuffed pancake fried with soy sauce

    This is the dish has a quite familiar form and process with Vietnamese stuffed pancake. However, there are some differences. Firstly, the crust is thick but soft and not too chewy. Secondly, the pie is made from shrimp, meat or barbeque pork which increases the attractiveness of the dish.


    “Sui cao Tu Xuyen”

    Not only in Hong Kong, this is a traditional dish of Chinese people in important national holidays. It is considered the dish bringing luck for everyone. The ingredients of the dish are sticky rice flour and white rice flour. The pie often consists of pork and fresh shrimp. The cake is molded into a semicircle and served with spicy sauce to bring the greatest taste for enjoyers.


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    Kim sa dumplings are actually dumplings. what is the yellow egg core? Is that egg or something
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