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    Default Is Bangkok dangerous for tourists?

    Bangkok is close to an hour X: February, 26 mass demonstrations may again begin in the city.

    However, even if it happens, it is unlikely that the protest should be ambitious, the experts believe.

    On the eve of the festive holiday the Foreign Ministry of Russia issued an official statement, which, inter alia, states that "in connection with the rapidly deteriorating political situation in the Thai capital in the last week of February, mass protests are likely to take place."

    And the thing is: on February 26 the Supreme Court of Thailand has announced its verdict on the arrested assets of former Prime Minister of the country Shinawatra, it is expected that he can encourage his supporters to rallies.

    According to the Foreign Ministry of Russia, the Thai authorities have addressed the foreign MOT with a request not to send tourist groups in Bangkok during this period.

    Foreigners, who will still be in the Thai capital, "are not recommended to visit the places where there are the demonstrators, the location of government buildings, police headquarters, major shopping centers".

    The situation in the major resorts, including Pattaya and Phuket, is expected to remain calm.

    In Moscow office of Tourism Authority of Thailand the official comments has not yet been given, but note that the statement of MFA can be preventive in nature, currently in Bangkok all is calm, the city is living its normal live.

    TO, in turn, recognized that the disturbing phone calls from agencies about Thailand are coming, but there were no cancellations of travel. And the special reasons for anxiety, too.

    Thus, the TEZ TOUR reported that they are receptive to such claims and take measures to ensure the protection of the tourists.

    In particular, the routes of visits of the historic center of Bangkok on February 26 will be excluded from the program.

    The company drew attention to the fact that the tourists who fly in transit through Bangkok to other resorts, since the international airport is located 17 km from the city limits, in the neighboring province Samutprakan, should have no reason for concern.

    Any speeches and meetings, on assurances of the authorities, can not affect its work, as it was in 2008.

    "The statement of MFA means that in late February in some parts of Bangkok mass protests are possible, but it's not for sure that they would take place - believes Vitaly Chizhikov, CEO of PAKS.

    - We hope for common sense and the fact that the possible meetings would not have a lengthy and ambitious character, as in 2008 because of the actions of the opposition the country has suffered huge financial and image loss, it should be a lesson."

    According to Vitaly Chizhikov, PAKS has not yet corrected its own programs, as currently there is no such need.

    Svetlana Loza, a representative of "Natalie Tours" in Thailand, in turn, also noted that the current warning is not expressed in categorical terms, and if there is no more stringent warnings the tour operator will not cancel the excursions.

    "Tourists, in any case, do not refuse them" - she said.
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    anyone can advise me how to transfer from Bang kok airport to the center and vice versa the most economy way ? this is my first time travel alone.

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    Dangerous, well certainly not in the way western cities can be.

    The main dangers in Bangkok are :

    - the traffic, but I don't think you intend on driving a motorcycle, do you ?

    - the pollution, but only 2 days there won't be enough to harm you.

    - the scams, they are well documented on many forums and guide books, still some tourists fall for them, just be careful.

    - violent behaviors, late at night between drunken people in some hot spots of that big city. Just avoid them.

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