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    There are few tips I found in an article.
    For you I am sharing those as below.

    1. Roll, don't fold.
    2. Make a packing list
    3. Know your airline's baggage-fee policy
    4. Follow the 3-1-1 rule
    5. Use your personal item wisely
    6. Wash your clothes on the road
    7. Pack dual-purpose garments
    8. Layer
    9. Never check essential items
    10. Use packing aids

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    The key points for packing luggage is choosing the thin and light weight clothes. Roll your clothes instead of folding to save space and stop creasing. Arrange items in cube by size,style or type.

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    Some good travel tips for packing luggage are given below:
    1. Avoid stains
    2. Roll and vacuum pack
    3. Cube your clothes
    4. Fill dead space
    5. Stay fresh

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