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    Hi everyone,

    I am a US national who love to visit to Iran but since Trumb changed the law then Iran is stopped issuing visa for the American too, seems logic, or not, whatever, anyway, i got a Belgium passport too, but im wondering if its possible to apply for a visa or not.

    To travel to Iran, US citizen required to book tour and guide, but with the Belgium passport you dont have to and this seems easier. However, i am just concerned should i apply or not?

    I contacted an agent in Iran (, they said its not a problem if you not going to mention about your US passport.

    Any advice are much appreciated

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    Iran is a multi-ethnic and multicultural country. The northwestern region, Azerbaijan, is largely populated by Iranian Azeris, who are a Turkic people closely related to the people of Azerbaijan republic and Turkey. The province of Kurdistan is mainly inhabited by ethnic Kurds who are related to Persians .While there are also a significant number of Baha'is in Iran, they are not recognized by the constitution and are instead branded as heretics of Islam, meaning that they continue to be persecuted to this day in spite of being Iran's numerically largest non-Muslim religion

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