What are difference between natural tide virgin hair and system wave Virgin hair? It's advocated to consider the following hair elements and then decide which better compliments your hair type and your attitude.

1 . Virgin hair
Maiden hair hasn’t been manufactured for color or feel, queen hair bundles .
Virgin hair color, make-up and curl pattern instantly comes from the genes on the hair donor.
You can deeper customize the hair according to personal preferences.

2 . Natural Wave Motifs
Natural wave patterns regarding virgin Virgin hair consist of nearly straight to a furry curl. malaysian curly hair ,Each bundle is dissimilar from the donor to the donor. Each bundle provides a personable natural look.

3. Ready Virgin hair
Virgin head of hair color and texture is often changed, achieving a homogeneous appearance that doesn’t exist for virgin Virgin hair. Really do not further alter the processed typically the Virgin hair.

4. System Wave Patterns
Make a dependable deep “S” pattern which includes a silky, polished appearance over the bundle of hair. MarchQueen , And even, a body wave is frequently done in conjunction with colouring processing.

5. Choosing Tide Type
Natural wave Pure hair blends with of course textured hair very well. To accommodate the Virgin hair, bundles of hair ,you could press or weave your own personal natural hair. Body tide Virgin hair will complement silky hair or curly hair permed into a wave.