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    Default Things to know about Tra Vinh Medical College

    Things to know about Tra Vinh College of Medicine during the 2018 enrollment season. Below you will find some useful information to help you get the most out of your Tra Vinh College of Medicine.

    Under the management of Tra Vinh PPC, Tra Vinh Medical College was established under the Decision No. 2274 / QD-BGDDT dated 21/4/2008 of the Minister of Education and Trag.

    Mission and goals of the school

    Based on the functions and tasks of the school as well as the current economic development trend of the society. Especially in the field of education and trag of medical staff of Tra Vinh College of Health has clearly defined the mission and goals that need to be completed in the coming time.

    Tra Vinh Medical College is a public non-productive unit and under the direct management of Tra Vinh People's Committee.

    To ensure good as well as improve the trag of the school has also linked with the School of Medicine and Pharmacy in the whole country in general and the area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City in particular. During the enrollment season of 2018, the College is associated with the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of Ho Chi Minh City to train the following majors: College of Medicine and Pharmacy, College of Nursing, College of Nursing, College of Nursing .... Candidates Interested in the trag program in 2018 can call the phone number: 0973319898 or 0933519898 for direct consultation.

    To be considered as one of the trag and retrag establishments of medical and pharmaceutical workers with qualifications from college or lower having good political and ethical qualities and knowledge and professional practice capability. commensurate with high technical level.

    In addition, Tra Vinh Medical College collaborates with the Provincial Health Department to carry out the task of trag more specialized knowledge for health workers in the province. The university always attaches great importance to building a team of lecturers and teachers with the aim of ensuring the quality of trag for students in the direction of specialized and multi-disciplines, meeting the need of trag human resources for home and neighboring provinces.

    In addition, the school also carries out scientific research tasks to meet the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country, serving socio-economic development strategies and cooperation in education and trag in foreign.

    With many years of medical trag, students after graduating from medical college of Tra Vinh found a job with the stable income.

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    Tra Vinh University, formerly known as Tra Vinh Community College, was formed in 2001 under the Vietnam and Canada Community College Project. I am a medical student and before jog
    the medical school i was looking for different medical schools in abroad. I gone through the details of Tra Vinh and i did found it pretty interesting. But somehow i took the admission in New york
    medicine school. In here, we are organizing a donation camp through which we are going to give the home less and school less kids these school supplies from back to school coupons 2018
    through which we students were able to grab maximum supplies due to the discounts we had. We're feeling fortunate to provide resources for the kids.

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    Tra Vinh Medical College is a public non-productive unit and under the direct management of Tra Vinh People's Committee.

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    Thanks for sharing

    creditos rapidos al instante
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