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    Default Traveling Tips In Pakistan

    Before going anywhere first you have to write down thing which needed during a trip and make sure the things you need all in your bags.Purchase a lock for privacy your important things like money document cameras etc. Keep copies of original document because there is the chance to lose your document.Before going at an airport or station make sure you have tickets in your pockets. Because when I recently went for a honeymoon package in Pakistan 2018 so I did all of this thing. Believe me, I am relaxed during a whole trip period.This is few points from my side if anyone knows others so they could share here it is helpful for other's people who are leaving for a trip and traveling.

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    I want to see pakistan,if anyone suggest give me how to travelling trip and is there any interesting locations are available or not and this trip is any harmable and indians are allowable or not something let me know anyone please........

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    Travelling Tips In Pakistan are given below:
    1. Make sure you are patient
    2. Emergency Fund
    3. Art of Hitchhiking
    4. Smiling and Greeting
    5. Do not be afraid

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    thanks for sharing tips it'e really very help full

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