Have you any idea how to braid with individual hair for black women of all ages?

Step 1. Buy hair

Really know what kind of braided hairstyle you choose. weave hair .If you want to achieve the right seem, you should buy virgin remy frizzy hair. It is easy to handle slightly coarser or curlier hair. This also style holds long.

Step 2. Prepare Extensions and All natural

Before braiding, you should laundry and deep condition purely natural hair. Donít skim about the deep conditioner, for your head of hair will be plaited away for a number of weeks and miss individuals regular conditioning cycles.

Rinse off and rinse your man hair extensions before braiding in accordance with the package directions for shampooing and conditioning. Next, smoothly pull the strands separately and into one-inch-thick packages as the hair dries, facilitating the extensions dry more quickly and making it easier for you to pick up the right amount of extension hair after.

Let hair air dry. Please note. if blow dry the hair on your head, you should use a heat-protecting serum. While you rock your braid look, the strands will withstand the stress.

Step 3. Build Sections

1. Part head of hair from ear to hearing and then from forehead towards crown or nape, producing three to four large sections.
2. minimal payments Use covered elastic groups or large clips to be able to secure these sections. hair weave .
3. Divide your hair into quite possibly smaller sections, roughly ľ to 1 inch wide, commencing at the nape of the head.
4. Make sections reduced for micro braids and bigger for bigger ones since each of them will be a braid.

Step 4. Attach Hair Extensions & Braid

Pinch off enough file format hair to match the size of the particular section of natural hair you are going to be braiding.

1. Rarely grab too much, for it is likely to make your braids bulky along with uneven.
2. Donít get hold of too little hair, as this definitely will lead to spindly, lumpy braids.

Fold the extension hair towards the top like a candy walking cane. human hair weave .

Hook the extensions on top of the section of hair for being braided. And, make sure to support the hair taut and towards the scalp.

Now, you get 2 sections of hair lined up around each other:

1. On the left will be the shorter end of the metoden.
2. In the middle is your all-natural hair.
3. On the proper is the long end with the extensions.

Pull natural wild hair to the left and the shorter extendable piece to the middle, together with pull the longer ext. MarchQueen Hair .to the middle and the faster piece to the right. Proceed this process to interweave any natural hair. Continue more strokes to secure recognized hair.

Secure micro together with tree braid with a slipknot, and let the ends fall loosely. For other styles, retain braiding until you reach the tip of the hair extensions.

Finally, eliminate, curl, and style your braids as you like.