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    You have to cut out your damage hair to give a fresh and healthy look. Try to trim your hair after 4 weeks or if you feel it’s too early to trim your hair. Then you should trim your hair 6-8 weeks, after trimming you will feel your hair growth increases faster and shinier than ever.
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    I am very comfortable to this beautiful content from the pure reading.Thanks for keen up the good work.

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    It is to a great degree simple to fabricate dandruff if your scalp is in reality sleek or excessively water less, dandruff is shaped due to irregular augmentation of Malaysia fur fur, in this manner Malaysia fur fur is typically firmly identified with dandruff, Crude oil corrosive is framed after the blend off Malaysia fur fur and normal oils, which can disturb your remap hair and quicken the development associated with cell which, will at last delivered dandruff...

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    do not use shampo too much it washes your fat surfance and your root goes week day by day every time use any oil such as coco nut hair oil

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