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    Hi everyone,

    We will be traveling to Barcelona and me and my family we want to go as quickly and comfortably as possible to our hotel.

    Can you please advise the best transport for this? I read something about transfers but I have no experience with that, do you know any company that does this kind of thing?


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    Hello Joao.

    Barcelona is a spectacular city and you will enjoy it for sure.
    When I was in Barcelona with my children, we chose the transfer to take us to the hotel. It is a very comfortable option and we already know that we are not being scammed as in some taxis.
    I will look in my email box for the company we use for this service and as soon as I find it I'll tell you.

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    Thanks for your reply Robert.
    Have you ever been to Barcelona? What did you enjoy most visiting there?

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    Hello John.
    I loved visiting the Sagrada Familia, I think it is an impressive work. Believe that you will only understand the size and power that the church transmits when you are there.
    The city is quite pleasant and part of it can be visited on foot.
    When I was there I took the opportunity to book some tours outside of Barcelona. I've been there for 5 days

    If you need anything let me know and I can give you some tips

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