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    Default Experience for travelling Hai Van Pass by motorbike

    Traveling Hai Van Pass is one of the most popular forms of backpacking by many young people. To enjoy the fresh, cool and vast space, you need to know Hai Van Pass experiences that we share in this article.

    Conquer Hai Van Pass

    When coming to Da Nang, Hai Van Pass is a backpacking site that attracts young people. To travel to Hai Van, you can find motorbike rental shops: Stylemotorbikes and conquer the road to the pass.
    Because this is many steep sections when travelling on Hai Van Pass. You need to pay close attention to the motorbike, the brakes and choose a gear to move for a safe trip.
    To travel to Hai Van Pass, you just need to rent a motorbike in Da Nang and go from the direction of Da Nang city to the pass. Because of the road up the mountain, you need to have a solid steering wheel to handle the situation on the go.
    Discovering the mountain pass by motorbike is a way for you to fully experience the fresh feeling of hills and mountains, free to stop and take photos at any time'

    Discover tourist attractions of Hai Van Pass

    To visit Hai Van Pass, you have to conquer a long-distance and steep up and down. On the way, you will be moving on the most beautiful coastal road in Vietnam.
    The prominent and crooked road between the immense green of mountains and forests certainly brings the most interesting experience for those who love backpacking. With a high slope, there will be a section where you will have to bend along the hill to pass so without a solid steering wheel, it will be very difficult to move.
    Although the road can make many people nervous, you will be able to witness firsthand the magnificent natural picture that captivates people, as expected of the most dangerous pass in Vietnam.
    When you go to Hai Van Pass, you will admire the first beauty of the Hai Van gate built thousands of years ago under the Nguyen Dynasty. This door is built of bricks with large arches. You can also witness the structures bearing the national war still preserved. Surely you will have a great experience when going to Hai Van Pass.
    Note when moving by motorbike to Hai Van Pass, you need to check the vehicle, brake, move at a very slow speed and should not float. You should ride a motorbike to slow down the speed when going downhill. And especially if you travel during the day, you have to go down the mountain when the sun is still bright to avoid dangerous bends.

    Note for travelling Hai Van Pass by motorbike

    With Hai Van Pass travel, you should go as soon as possible because the peak of the pass at dawn will be wonderful scenery you can not forget.
    Above are the necessary experiences wants to share with you to be able to travel Hai Van Da Nang perfectly. Stylemotorbikes will accompany you on your way to conquering Hai Van and ensure you a safe trip.


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    I recommended to use minibus rental from 8Rental for trip. When you go to Hai Van Pass, you will admire the first beauty of the Hai Van gate built thousands of years ago under the Nguyen Dynasty. This door is built of bricks with large arches
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