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    Default Cheapest rental cars in europe.

    Heading to France, Italy and Germany this fall...probably landing in Paris and i'd like to know where is the best place to rent a car for 2-3 weeks? Heard of a 5$ a day Smart rental but i'm thinking that's kind of a small car to hit the highway on. Is renting a car the cheapest way to go around europe for 2 people? thanks.

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    It is generally much cheaper to book the trip ahead of time in the car rental instead of renting a car from the recent lease of a warehouse to the hotel. There are many vehicles, offers the possibility to check prices and leasing companies online booking.

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    i use - pretty good middlemen prices. you may want a slightly bigger car than a Smart for all that motorway driving!

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    Below is the link where you can get all information about car rental:


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    Barriers Dog car offer little protection for the dogs when they are car travel with their owners. This is much better than giving your dog in a car without protection. There are different types of dogs barriers available in the market today.

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