House Trag A Pup Family Articles | August 12 Nathan Peterman Jersey , 2011
House trag a puppy or adult dog can be challenging, but if you keep the following tips in mind, it can become manageable, and successful in a relatively short period of time.

House trag is best served by following a few principles. 1) trag must be focused on reinforcement and reward rather than punishment. 2) the more consistent you are with the schedule you set, the more successful you (and your pup) will be.

Supervise your pup in the house:

When you begin house trag, you need to make sure to supervise your pup thoroughly and consistently. Direct supervision is the way to prevent accidents Dion Dawkins Jersey , while also teaching you the signals your pup gives when he needs to go out (some pups may whine, some may go sit and look at the door, others may circle, pant or sniff, all these give you cues to helping him be successful).

Someone needs to watch the pup at all times, to prevent mistakes. When you can't watch him Zay Jones Jersey , make sure he is in a crate. This avoids mistakes and rapidly speeds up the house trag process...remember an 8 week old pup can only hold it for a short period of time (an hour or so at best) so you need to make sure he gets outside frequently they get older, they can hold it for increased amounts of time, but the more often they get outside to pee the quicker they understand the process.

Establish a Routine:

Pups thrive on routine, and the more regular your routine, the less likely mistakes will occur during the trag process. It is critical in the early stages of house trag a pup, that he has ample opportunity to go outside and do his business. You can use your work schedule as the starting point for your routine that would include toileting before and after work. In addition TreDavious White Jersey , regular feeding, walking, and sleeping times will help your pup establish a routine. When you are working with a very young pup, keep the weekday and weekend routine as similar as possible. So if you get him up at 7am during the weekday, you will need to do the same on the weekends so his internal clock can start teaching him how long he has to hold it for. If the routine is all over the place, he'll never learn to pace himself.

Reward your Pup:

When you take your pup outside to go to the bathroom Tremaine Edmunds Jersey , you need to make sure to reward your pup for going to the bathroom. A treat or even just an encouraging "Good dog!" will help your pup to remember that toileting should be done in specific areas, and not on the Persian rug. Some dogspups would prefer to play than pee when outside, so make sure they are on a leash and just stand there being still and quiet (to avoid distracting him from the business at hand). Once he has gone peepoop, you can then play.

Be Patient:

The most important aspect of good trag is patience. Pups are all capable of learning new behaviours and if you are patient in trag, your efforts will pay off. So again, remember to watch closely for clues like whg Josh Allen Jersey , staring at the door, and circling, that indicate that your pup needs to "go". When you see this, take your pup outside immediately. In the early stages of trag, reward your pup every time he eliminates outside, but gradually reduce rewards as the behaviour becomes more consistent.

If you follow these guidelines and are consistent Kelvin Benjamin Jersey , patient and encouraging, you will have a house trained dog in no time!

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