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    Default Is it safe to travel in public transport?

    Public transit has been shut down and for months it has been the same. People have begun to fly again now that lockdowns across the globe are easing up, but is that really the time? Countries and cities hard hit by the virus are mindful of the significance of disinfection and have introduced stringent disinfection routines for buses, metros and subways. You should take antibacterial wipes with you to make sure that you are safe while travelling.

    Life doesn't stop
    It's easy to clean your home and you are better when you're at home, but life doesn't end. While businesses have adopted work from home habits, many are now calling workers back. One has to juggle his/her options when heading to work with the pandemic still here and the fear of catching the virus.

    The choice is yours
    The sanitization procedure in your country depends on whether you can use public transport or not. The protection of everybody, however, begins with their own practice and everything is related in this pandemic. If you use hand sanitizer to clean your hands or disinfect the seat you're going to sit in, you can stop the virus from touching you or others, at least your loved ones.

    Are you social distancing?
    Another thing you need to think about is social space, because it may not be possible to maintain it on crowded subways or buses. People trying to get to the office or other places can rush in and your social distance goes there. However it could be possible if the government takes strict steps and restricts the number of people traveling. You should also realize that when it comes to travelling through public transport, there is still a lack of confidence.

    People relying on public transport
    People who rely on public transport are comparatively using buses rather than subways because they feel a little better due to the right to open windows, boarding from rear, and after all, they meet somewhat less people than they will in subways. There are smarter options available today, in addition to this.

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