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    Default Which GMRS radios to get?

    Looking for about 5 handheld GMRS radios for amateur/occasional use, in a suburban area, probably in the $40 price range or so, preferably under $50. What are some good, FCC-certified options?

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    I've had decent luck with Kenwood TK-380s and TK-350s from eBay. The 380s cost me about $40 apiece, and the 350s were like $15 (both without batteries). The 380s you can program with Windows, but the 350s needed DOS. I used DOSbox and it worked, but it could possibly brick them.

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    350's have always been problematic radios. We used to see them all the time in the shop for repair. Any other?

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    I've also used Midland – GXT1000VP4 with for my kids in a suburban environment. The range is about a half-mile when I'm in my living room and the other party is through thick trees along a bike trail. The range is about the same through just a couple of trees and over a hill (no line of sight). Battery life is decent. Durability is good: belt clip hasn't broken and they've survived drops from a moving bike. Here are some reviews of best gmrs radios that further clarify your thoughts regarding the radios.

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